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Boundary Listening Sessions

The Boundary Change Review Committee is hosting its last listening session at Kentwood High School on Thursday. Stakeholders are encouraged to join in person for an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification and understanding around the recommended adjustments. It is also a time to share thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.

  • Thursday, November 3: Kentwood High School Library from 6:00-7:30 p.m.
  • Kentwood High School is located at 25800 164th Avenue SE, Covington, WA 98042.

Note: There will not be a presentation. Boundary maps will be accessible based on questions and comments shared. Boundary Change Review Committee members will attend each session to provide responses and perspectives. The sessions will be recorded for additional access and viewing. We are working on translation services for our multilingual families.  

View the updated Boundary Change Recommendations presentation (PDF) here

The Boundary Change Review Committee will share feedback with the school board, along with recommendations for a path forward to ensure our schools are maximizing their facilities and resources to the fullest benefit of the students and families we serve.

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The Boundary Change Review Committee, comprised of parents, staff, community members and student voice, has met since last March to review school boundaries with the intent of balancing enrollment and providing equitable educational programs.

This work was driven by the committee’s core beliefs of giving our students, schools, and families better access to special programs; in most cases, reduce time students will be on buses; remove most of our students from learning in portables; and take enrollment pressure off our highest impacted schools and communities.

View additional information on the new middle school model adopted by the school board on October 12 and committee meeting minutes.

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