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2022-2023 Boundary Work Updates

Over the last few months, we have been soliciting interest from our KSD parents/guardians and our KSD staff to be a part of one of our three Boundary committees. We are happy to announce that we have a great representation of our community and appreciate all that applied and showed interest in this very important work.

We want to provide context for the committee selection process. When we sent out the boundary committee survey to both parents/guardians and staff, we explicitly stated we were looking for a diverse demographic representation of our KSD community within our three committees. We stated, that once we were able to meet the diverse demographic representation expectation, we would then select applicants using a lottery system to fill the remaining spots. We randomly drew names out of a box for the remaining spots in the various strands and committees. This concluded with having nine alternates, who were not selected for the committees. We communicated to those nine as well, encouraging them to be available to fill a vacant spot if one becomes available.

Once each committee meets for the first time, we will notify the committee members that we will be sharing the committee members names publicly. This will allow alternates and others who are not part of the various committees to access committee members to share additional thoughts and perspectives. In addition, if and when, a committee member is absent or has chosen to no longer be a part of the committee, we will go back to our lottery selection and randomly draw a name for the open spot.

Our three committees will not all be starting at the same exact time, but will all begin this important work early this spring. The Boundary Change Review Committee will focus on reviewing the proposed boundary changes from the MGT workgroup last winter, will begin first on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 6PM. As a committee we will determine our meeting cadence, including frequency and duration and then schedule all future meetings.The Middle School Model Committee will focus on creating a 6-7-8 grade model that is inclusive for all students and families. The committee will make recommendations on all aspects of moving all district middle school to a 6th grade through 8th grade model. The Creating an Outreach Plan for Families Impacted by Boundary Changes Committee will focus on creating a communication and support plan for those students and families impacted by the boundary changes as well as manage all Boundary work communication to our community. Both the Middle School model and Outreach/Communication committee will begin their work closer to early April.

Once the committees meet, we will be posting the names of the committee members, the meeting schedule and the minutes from each meeting. This will allow our community and those not able to be involved on a committee, access to the conversations.