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Student Safety is Our Top Priority

Goal 2: Engage

The Kent Cops in Schools (KCIS) is a new program at our Kent elementary schools. This partnership is another example of how our district is providing a safe school environment for elementary students.

Kent Police officers volunteered to be assigned to a Kent elementary school and visit the school as time and call load permit. Their goals are to provide a visual presence of uniformed officers on elementary school campuses to deter criminal activity and establish strong working relationships between officers and school personnel that will further enhance their ability to collaboratively respond to criminal activity.

Kent Police Officer with students “We want our officers to go to schools, get out of their cars, and interact with students and staff to help identify problems, although it’s really much more than that. The intent is for these officers to be mentors and role models. Understanding these first interactions (with children) by police is so important in the formation of their perception of police. We appreciate our partnership with Kent School District,” said Kent Police Commander Andy Grove.

Recently, we caught up with Officer Brian Cortinas at Pine Tree Elementary School. Officer Cortinas stops by regularly to build relationships with students and staff. He said, “students see us out here serving, playing, having fun, and connecting on a different level. The Cops in Schools program is nothing but positive for the community because we get to earn their trust. It’s unique and it’s special.”

Kent School District appreciates its 10-year partnership with the city of Kent including this new program to help us better serve our students and families. Our school safety officers and school safety operating costs are directly supported by local tax dollars.