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Letter to Kentwood Families

June 9, 2022

Dear Kentwood Students and Parents/Guardians,

I write to you today to provide information about a situation here at our school. Recently, school staff received and responded to allegations of inappropriate behavior by a KW staff member. We cannot name the staff member at this time. According to Kent School District policy and procedure, the staff member was immediately placed on administrative leave. Due to the circumstances of the allegations, we notified local law enforcement and cooperated fully in their investigation. We also deferred to their communication requests. This morning an arrest was made.

Since this in an ongoing situation, we cannot comment on specifics of the incident, the investigation, or the case. Please know we have taken the appropriate steps necessary to ensure student safety and to honor the legal privacy rights of those involved and impacted by this situation. We recognize situations such as this are extremely sensitive for all concerned.

Our first concern is for the well-being of those directly impacted by this event. One way we can demonstrate our respect and empathy is ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the student, the student’s family, and the staff member and their family. Let us be an example and refrain from speculation to help stop the spread of rumors.

Situations such as this are never easy and all of us experience various emotions as we respond. Despite the difficulty of the issue and regardless of the outcome of the investigation, we want you to know that student safety continues to be our number one priority.  

This situation may gain community and media attention and we are working with our district leaders to ensure we minimize any distractions to the quality education Kentwood students receive every day. The students and families we serve deserve no less. You may experience media inquiries as they seek to interview families and students coming and going from campus. You are free to speak with them if you wish, and you are just as free to decline to be interviewed. School and District officials refrain from commenting on the specifics of the situation due to the continuing legal process. 

As this situation unfolds and as appropriate, we will keep our community informed as we take steps to ensure students and staff remain safe and our learning environment is disrupted as little as possible.

For media inquiries, contact the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at