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(GOAL 3) Enhance Internal Communication Protocols and Tools 

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Enhance Internal Communication Protocols and Tools 

Refine communication practices and tools adopted by schools and district teams to ensure consistent and clear expectations for information sharing. The outcomes of this initiative are consistent expectations, practices, and tools for communication and collaboration between schools, and between schools and district teams to increase standardization and efficiency of information sharing. 

2023-24 Winter Progress Update 

Stakeholders were invited to an initial kick off and will continue to engage as a group of central office and school leaders to work through the three phases of the project initiative. The results of the landscape analysis of current tools and input around the efficiency of or lack thereof, will be used to determine areas of improvement for more cohesive communication processes from central office to schools. 

We are currently in the planning phases of any potential data collection. The plan for this is to bring findings from this analysis to leaders for further input before making recommendations for change. 

2023-24 Fall Progress Update

The outcomes of this initiative are driven by the need to have conditions in place that ensure a bridge from central office to the classrooms is successfully established. If we expect schools to have coherence in practices and implementation across all schools to build equitable access for all learners, then communication protocols are key to ensuring that the messaging is consistent. This requires consistency in practices from all communities across central office. The standardization and efficiency will make content access reliable and decrease platform fatigue.

In order to progress monitor how these future communication protocols are making positive impact, we will work with the Research & Evaluation team on inclusion of communication protocol feedback in the annual staff climate survey.

Centering Stakeholder Voice

A team that consists of school and central office leadership will review a landscape analysis of current communication tools that includes purpose, audience, frequency. This will help to determine where there are redundancies, gaps, and need for clarity with use and/or expectations.

We will also engage in analysis of analytics for current communication tools (KSD Communicator, School Messenger for staff). We will also engage in shared learning on research-based best practices for related communications scenarios in K-12 public education.

The group will identify the most efficient and effective tool where redundancies need to be eliminated, gaps need to be closed, and where clarity needs to be achieved. This will lead to the development of a communication plan. This plan will be shared at a future leadership meeting to provide opportunities for review and feedback.