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(GOAL 4) Central Office Leadership Evaluation Form

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Central Office Leadership Evaluation Form

Develop an updated Central Office Leadership Evaluation form aligned to best practices from the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). The outcomes of this initiative are updated evaluation forms for the identified employee roles.

2023-24 Winter Progress Update 

Teaching and Learning Executive Leadership Team are currently engaged in coaching from The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) from University of Washington around cohesive instructional leadership. 

This learning is centered around the principles of The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSO) and will inform the design of the evaluation form for central office leadership in Teaching and Learning. The Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards 2015 fall into three broad categories. These three categories of standards need to be integrated to provide comprehensive support to principals and other instructional leaders. The first category involves the work surrounding educational leadership which is our current and ongoing area of focus this and next school year. 

The work will evolve as stakeholders build on this learning to inform changes to the current central office evaluation form. 

2023-24 Fall Progress Update

This priority initiative will seek to increase accountability for ongoing instructional leadership development and growth for central office leadership that support curriculum and instruction. This planning team will engage in learning and guidance with a Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) coach during the 2023-24 school year to deepen knowledge and best practices around instructional leadership. This will include spending time in schools to sharpen our leadership lens and practices around effective instructional leadership practices aligned to the principles of teaching and leadership supervision.

As a result of learning and guidance, the planning team will develop the criteria and specific principles around instructional leadership to embed into the central office evaluation tool that is related to instruction. Key technical and adaptive next steps to consider after updated template will include:

  • Professional development for evaluators and staff, including guidance documents for future use.
  • Consider the design features in Frontline EEM when designing the new form(s).
  • Consider use of this new form/process with a limited audience for initial pilot. Leverage the insights/recommendations to inform PD opportunities or other supports at scale.

Centering Stakeholder Voice

Human Resources, Learning Supports and Teaching & Learning communities will engage representative members of leadership to inform the development of the updated template. The updated template alone will not reach our goal to develop and increase instructional leadership skills. The roll out of the new template will include targeting learning as leaders, clear expectations of outcomes aligned to the principles of instructional leadership from CEL and progress monitoring tools for leaders and their evaluators.