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    Our Organizational Effectiveness Community comprises numerous core components of our educational system. Being effective is about doing the right things, and being efficient is about doing things right. We support our strategic plan goals and mission by reviewing and improving current systems, studying industry best practices and aligning to these practices, and researching innovative solutions to increase student achievement, always reflecting our core values of equity, excellence, and community.

    Our community includes Budget and Finance, DARTS, Nutrition Services, and Printing Services, all working together in creating effective and efficient organizational systems to achieve our mission of successfully preparing all students for their futures. Our objectives include:

    Provide Safe and Innovative Environments

    Implementing a proactive plan of facility modernization, student safety, and technology implementation so students have opportunities to achieve their educational goals and dreams.

    Strategic Plan

    Facilitating the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and supporting the District in achieving its strategic plan goals.

    Performance Management System

    Establishing a performance management system with continuous improvement monitoring for key student outcomes.

    Gradual Release Plan

    Redefining the relationship between schools and central office by gradually releasing central decisions to responsive schools to increase effective systems and operations.

    Equity of Student Access

    Distributing resources by aligning to student needs and desired outcomes, and then ensuring equal access to high-quality resources.


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