2023 KSD Levies

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2023 Levies

  • Like a subscription, local school levies must be renewed. The replacement Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy is a three-year levy funding the basic operations of the district. The Capital Projects and Technology levy is proposed to extend for four years. This means both levies will now be in alignment on the renewal calendar and will be up for reauthorization at the same time in 2027. This alignment saves taxpayers the extra expense of running multiple levies in alternate years. 

    While the proposed EP&O levy funds operational costs in our general fund, the proposed capital levy would provide the majority of funding for health and safety improvements, facility repairs, the 1:1 technology education program, and preschool program space expansion opportunities over the next four years. 

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      Capital Projects & Technology Levy

      • Capital Projects & Technology Levy

        Proposition 2
        November 7, 2023

        4 years icon This levy would provide the majority of funding over the next four years for health and safety, critical repairs and improvements, program expansion, and technology education, including the continuation of 1:1 student laptops and tablets.

        The Capital Projects and Technology Levy would fund: 

        hand and heart iconHealth & Safety 


        • Healthy air and cooling system replacements 
        • Upgrading intrusion alarm systems at all schools and replacing fire alarm systems at some schools
        • Adding a vestibule, which includes a safety access control outer entryway, at some of our elementary schools 

        Tech ED iconTechnology Education 


        • Continuation of 1:1 learning technology; this means laptops/tablets for students 
        • Adaptive learning technology for students receiving Special Education  
        • Connectivity for anytime, anywhere learning 
        • Interactive presentation, projection, and audio technology
        • Instructional technology for teachers, paraeducators, and school support staff along with professional development to support our students
        • Infrastructure, software, and staffing that support the daily learning and working activities of the KSD technology program.
        • Expansion of cybersecurity, software licensing and staff supports for the protection of sensitive data. 

        school house iconRepairs & Improvements 


        • Boiler  and roof replacements 
        • New flooring at some schools 
        • New synthetic sports fields at our high schools; this is also a safety issue 

        program expansion iconProgram Space Expansion 


        • Preschool program space at all elementary schools (except River Ridge & Covington, our newest schools) 
        • Accessible and inclusive playground equipment at every elementary school 

      Replacement EP&O Levy

      • Educational Programs & Operations Levy

        Proposition 1
        November 7, 2023

        3 years iconDirectly pays for basic general classroom and operational needs such as student support, academic programs and classroom supports, athletics, activities, and enrichment programs not fully funded by the state. It funds nearly 15% of total operating revenue. This levy currently accounts for $74,000,000 in annual funding, including over $40,000,000 in salary costs not funded by the state. 

        The replacement EP&O Levy would fund: 

        student support iconStudent Support


        • Over 190 (FTE) positions, including classroom teachers and classroom aides. 
        • 75% of our safety and security personnel; the state only provides funding for 25% of these positions.
        • Nearly 20 (FTE) positions above the state allocation formula for school health & support services (including nurses, social workers, & psychologists). 
        • Levy dollars support every employee group.

        academic programs icon Academic Programs and Classroom Supports

        • 30% of our total Special Education costs
        • Highly Capable and Multilingual Program staff
        • Curriculum materials & professional development for teachers
        • Advanced coursework such as Advanced Placement 

        Activities, Athletics and EnrichmentActivities, Athletics, and Enrichment

        • Student athletics and activities, including coaches and advisors
        • Music and arts programs, including our performing arts centers
      • 44 Schools
      • 25,000+ Students
      • 3,800+ Staff
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