Principal Abernathy

  • Being a Successful Learner in a Remote Learning World: Strange & Stressful Times

    When will we return to the building?

    It seems that the old adage, the only thing that is consistent in our world is change. Each day, we hear more about how schools are opening back up around the country, only to be forced, due to a resurgence of COVID in the community, to return to remote learning.

    I do believe we can reopen, if we all work together, and stay open. In order to accomplish this feat, school districts are following guidelines set by our state’s Office of Public Education, in cooperation with the governor’s office and the state and county Health Departments. We must continue to do our part: wear masks, honor social distancing, and get tested if showing any symptoms.

    I encourage you to have your children practice wearing a mask for extended periods of time, so when they do return to school, it is not another thing they have to get used to. Have them become more aware of social distancing. These will be two new challenges faced by our students once we return to school.

    View the Kent School District Reopening Plan and find answers to frequently asked questions, including KSD’s return to school hybrid plan. It is updated frequently, so I encourage you to check it out.

    Do you remember that you are on camera?

    During this period of remote learning, students often have their camera and microphone on, so they can see and respond during their class. Occasionally, we have had parents and siblings who do not seem to remember this. Our staff and students have experienced swearing, shouting, and inappropriate dress.

    Please remember that a whole class is seeing and hearing what is going on behind your child. If the camera is an issue, I encourage you to have your child change their background (so it is a fabricated scene and not a recording of your home. As far as the occasional shouting and swearing, for the sake of all the children listening, please don’t.

    On a related note, please have your children dressed for school, even when learning from home. It becomes part of a routine that signals for them that bedtime and playtime is over, now it is time to learn.

    School is also about your child’s social and emotional health.

    Are you aware that the state of Washington mandated schools to address students’ social and emotional well-being? Supporting your children’s social and emotional growth requires close teamwork between home and school.

    Our classes begin with an activity designed to address this aspect of our student’s lives. I encourage you to talk to your child(ren) frequently about what they are experiencing. I strongly encourage you to monitor their social media, even if  they view it as an intrusion. It is a parental responsibility to “trust but verify.”

    The inappropriate use of social media and chat features is the number one misbehavior issue elementary schools, including Glenridge, face. Remind your child not to allow anyone else to use their accounts. If your child shares that someone has hacked into their account, please notify your child’s teacher. We will take it from there.

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Last Modified on September 28, 2020