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  • Hybrid Learning Protocols

    We are excited to welcome students back for hybrid learning at Meridian Elementary on April 12. School begins at 9:15 a.m. View our revised start and dismissal times.

    Check out the Meridian Back to School Hybrid Edition book online.

    Building Security

    •  All doors will remain locked.
    • Keycards will be available for portables.
    • Staff will use their badges or key to enter the building.
    • Signs will be posted as reminders for social distancing and the use of masks.

    Student Entrance Through South Gate by Track

    • Students will be escorted off the bus, students must always be wearing a mask.
    • Once at the access point, students' attestations will be re-checked.
    • If needed, staff will escort students to appropriate destinations (triage area, health/isolation room, etc.).
    • The student access point will also have three staff members, one table, masks, hand sanitizer, attestation forms, and walkies. 
    • Laminated signage will be on the entrance gate.
    • Students in parent drop-off will follow the sidewalk to the student access point.

    Student Arrival

    • Students will go directly to their class lines upon entering the campus where they will await their teacher while standing on a paw.
    • Certificated teaching staff will supervise the student lines.

    Student in Vehicle Drop-Off

    • Student(s) will remain in the vehicle.
    • A staff member will check for a completed daily wellness screening form
    • Student(s) will not be allowed out of the vehicle without a mask and completed attestation. The parent/guardian will be asked to pull into the church parking lot to complete the attestation and return to the queue.
    • The printed health verification form will be provided in different languages and extras will be available at the student drop-off location. 

    Entrance for Late Students

    • Office entry in the front of the building will be used for non-parental visitors or late students 
    • Parents of late-arriving students MUST accompany their child to the front door.
    • The intercom system will be used to communicate with parents at the office entry.
    • Signs are posted as reminders for social distancing and the use of masks.
    • Painted paws have been placed on the ground to meet the social distance requirements.


    • Students will remain in classrooms.
    • Teachers will stand in the doorway to monitor their students and the hallway.
    • A shared document will be on the Promethean board that will identify which busses and cars are at the school.
    • Each student/family will be identified by a number that will be posted on the car dashboard.

    Parent Pick-Up

    • Each class will wait in the courtyard and stand in assigned line on dots six feet apart.
    • Parent will have a reusable sign with the student/family number. The sign will be placed in the vehicle window when parents arrive at school for pickup.
    • Any parents to pick-up walkers will wait in the designated area, with family number, for student. 

    Minor First Aid in the Classroom or on the Playground

    • Minor first aid like cuts, scrapes, lost teeth will be taken care of where they occur. Bumps on the head, large cuts, scrapes, and injuries requiring parent pick up/911 will be treated in the health room.
    • Teachers will be given First Aid Kits that will allow the student with staff supervision to take care of a variety of cuts, scrapes, and lost teeth in the classroom. First Aid Kits will include more gloves, gauze, bandages, etc than have been included in the past. Teachers will let the health room know if they are running low on supplies so they can be replenished.
    • Playground staff will be given first aid kits with gloves, wipes, bandages, etc. to take care of minor injuries on the playground.

    Cougar Den/Isolation Room for Students with COVID-19 Symptoms

    • Teachers will call to office for a staff member to escort students that have signs or symptoms of Covid-19 to the Cougar Den. Staff members will wear masks and maintain a six-foot distance while escorting. 
    • Upon arrival, the student will be given a pediatric disposable mask if needed, placed into a chair at a desk, asked about their symptoms, and have their vital signs taken.
    • Students will wait here in isolation until their parent/designated emergency adult can come to pick them up.
    • Full PPE required for staff who are attending students who have symptoms. 
    • Staff who are attending students will notify the custodian to clean the restroom every time it is used while students are in the room
    • Staff will follow district protocols for wearing, using, and disposing of PPE.
    • Custodial staff will clean the room at end of the day according to district protocols.

    Morning Triage Room 201

    • For bus riders and walkers, who forgot attestations, and need to warm up so their temperature can be taken.
    • Staff will question the student about attestation questions. 
    • Students who display COVID-19 symptoms or feel ill upon arrival will go directly to the Cougar Den (isolation room).
    • This will be monitored by nurse/health techs unless the nurse/health tech is unavailable. Backup staff will be provided.
    • There will be a log used to document students who forgot attestation. Parents will be called and asked why the attestation was not filled out. 

    Meals & Snacks

    • Meals will not be served at school. Students will eat breakfast at home before school and eat lunch at home after school.
    • Free snacks will be provided at school. Snacks will be distributed to classrooms and consumed outside in recess zones.
    • Free weekly meal boxes are available for all students every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00 p.m. at select bus stops and schools.


    • All classrooms will follow the 3-foot distance requirements—the 3 feet is breathing space to breathing space, middle of the desk to middle of the desk.
    • Teachers will have 3 feet behind them and 6 feet in front of where they sit/stand and at least 6 feet on either side of them from where they are sitting/standing.
    • Floors in the classrooms will be marked for desk placement
    • Students will be sitting in individual forward-facing desks 
    • Each classroom will have hand sanitizer that teachers will use to sanitize each students' hands
    • Students will have their own supplies for class kept in their own bucket
    • Students will keep backpacks and coats with them
    • Extra masks and gloves will also be provided for classrooms
    • Each student will have an identifying lanyard with their name, classroom teacher, and family number on it. The information will be on colored card stock to indicate cohort.


    • There could be up to five classes out at recess at a time.
    • Each class will have an assigned area marked by colored cones.
    • Each class will sign up for a recess slot.
    • Recess staff will keep track of the rotation.
    • Each class will have a cart of equipment that will go in and out with them. (Cannot be shared with another cohort) Needs to be cleaned with soap and water at end of each day.


    • A fire drill will be conducted within the first 10 days of school by Wednesday, April 21.
    • Lockdown and earthquake drills will be conducted in the classroom by the teacher.


    • No visitors. No volunteers.
    • Only KSD staff, KSD-approved non-staff members, and students allowed inside the building. 

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