Principal Kroll

  • Learning About SPACE

    We are asking for your help to reduce the background sound in student learning spaces so students can hear and the teacher can hear the student.

    Please help your student find a great learning SPACE (sound, people, area, comfort, eyes) by using the questions below. 

    • Sound: Is it quiet enough to hear & my teacher can hear me?  TV/Music is off & background conversations are low. Background sound is low.
    • People: Am I distracted by the people around me? Can I focus on the lesson?
    • Area: Do I have enough space to work? Do I have my supplies handy?
    • Comfort: Am I comfortable?
    • Eyes: Can I see the text and can I focus on learning?

    Let’s work to mute the background sounds, not our students. Thanks for your support. 

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Last Modified on February 18, 2021