Principal Helgeson

  • Protocols for Hybrid Learning

    We are excited to welcome students back for hybrid learning at Sawyer Woods on April 12. You will find that many of the procedures you have become accustomed to have changed. I hope that this letter will help clarify these changes for our hybrid learners.

    I am anxious for the day when we do not need to take all of the precautions against COVID-19 we currently must take. I thank you for your patience and understanding. We have come so far and I know we can finish this race with grace and strength.

    Visitors Including Parents

    Families and visitors have limited access to school campuses. Everyone must wear face coverings while on school grounds unless they have a medical reason not to wear one.

    If you visit the school, our doors will be locked. Please ring the doorbell to the right of our front main doors. Someone will come to speak with you outside. 

    Daily Wellness Screening

    All hybrid students attending school in person are required to answer questions on the Skyward wellness screening before entering the building each day to confirm they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have not had contact with someone who has COVID-19.


    Students are expected to wear their masks at all times. If eating snacks or taking a sip of water, students must place their masks back on between bites or sips. Teachers will review this with students. Mask breaks will be given periodically outside for students/classes.

    Students will be given several warnings and communication with parents/guardians will take place if the student fails to keep their mask on or they refuse to cover both nose and mouth. Failure to keep their mask on could result in a student needing to return to remote learning. The exception to the mask rule is if the student has a documented medical condition that would prevent the mask from being worn. In that case, the student would need to wear a face shield. 

    Watch Wearing Masks to School on YouTube to learn more.

    Meals, Snacks & Drinking Water

    Breakfast and lunch are not served at Sawyer Woods. Free weekly meal boxes are available for all students every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00 p.m. at select bus stops and schools.

    Free individually-packaged snacks will be provided to all students at one snack time determined by the teacher. 

    • Students may bring one small snack item for themselves. No drinks, large bags of chips/crackers, or lunches. 
    • Snacks cannot be shared. 
    • Students must drop empty snack bags and wrappers in garbage cans outside the classroom.

    Water fountains will be turned off, so students are encouraged to bring water bottles.

    • Please label your child’s water bottle with their name.
    • Students will be allowed to fill their bottles at the class sink. 

    Other drinks, such as pop, energy drinks, etc. are not allowed.


    Classes are assigned a zone on the playground and must stay together. 

    • Zones will rotate each week so students can experience the different areas of our playground.
    • Students must wear masks at recess, but they may also distance themselves and take a mask break if needed.


    Social distancing will be mandated when moving through the hallways.


    Bathroom use will be limited to two students at a time due to the need for social distancing. We have established a protocol for teachers and students to use to assure this occurs.

    Before & After School Routines

    We realize we may have to adjust these routines to make them more efficient and still honor the social distancing mandate our school faces. Thank you for your flexibility.

    Before School

    School starts at 8:30 a.m. View our bell schedule

    • Please do not arrive early. There is no playtime before school begins. 
    • Students must stand in their class line or spots until the bell rings.

    Parents/guardians must remain in their vehicles.

    After School

    School ends at 12:00 p.m. Students are dismissed via intercom in waves.

    1. Walkers
    2. Bus riders and students taking daycare vans
    3. Students being picked up by parent(s)/guardian(s)

    Students will be dismissed for parent/guardian pick-up after the busses and daycare vans leave. Students will be called from a holding area by family when their car pulls up to the parent pick-up circle (bus zone). We ask for your patience as this may take additional time. Parents/guardians must remain in their vehicles.


    Our classrooms look different.

    • Desks are set three feet apart and all face forward.
    • Students will be expected to remain in their seats unless directed otherwise by their teacher.
    • Students will not sit on the floor for storytime or other normal carpet activities.

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Last Modified on April 8, 2021