School Nurse Services

  • Important Health Services at School

    School nurses help ensure students are at their best and ready to learn by providing important health care services during the school day. The school nurse:

    • Verifies student immunization records.
    • Administers prescription and non-prescription medication at school.
    • Assesses illness and injuries.
    • Performs periodic vision and hearing screenings.
    • Plans for acute and chronic illnesses.
    • Creates healthcare plans and emergency action plans.
    • Educates the school community on health issues and communicable diseases.
    • Teaches CPR and first aid to staff.
    • Helps families get healthcare.
    • Provides referrals to community agencies.

    Health Screenings

    We check students for near and far vision and normal hearing tones in kindergarten and grades 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7. We will only share screening results when they indicate a possible health problem.

    We will also consult with parents/guardians when a student’s appearance or performance indicate a possible problem. Good food, proper clothing, and adequate sleep are recognized factors in health, and good health (emotional as well as physical) is closely related to the learning process.

    Existing Major Concerns or Life-Threatening Conditions

    Our school nurse helps ensure the safety of students with health concerns by planning ahead and training staff to respond appropriately. The nurse works with students, their licensed health care providers, and parents/guardians to create individual health plans (IHP) and/or emergency action plans.

    If your student has a major health concern or life-threatening disease which may require emergency care/medications or affect his/her learning abilities or school participation, please consult with our school nurse.

    Examples of such concerns may include but are not limited to:

    • Diabetes
    • Seizure Disorder
    • A life-threatening allergy to any foods or bee stings
    • Existing hearing or vision problems
    • Heart problems

    Home Hospital

    If a student is confined to home or hospital for a minimum of four weeks and able to do schoolwork, the arrangement for home/hospital services may be made by contacting the school nurse/counselor at your school. This tutoring service can not be provided virtually but arrangements will be made to meet in the home.  An adult must be on-site for all tutoring sessions. 

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Last Modified on June 30, 2023