2023 Levy Feeback Survey Results

  • Background

    Below are the results of the 2023 Levy Feedback Survey that was administered in December after the November 2023 KSD Levy Proposition No. 2 failed. The survey results highlight the motivations, perceptions, and feedback of our community as it relates to the 2023 Capital Projects and Technology Levy and why it was unsuccessful. Results also include project prioritization preferences and themes that materialized through the open-ended items on the survey.

    View the full results of the survey here.

Motivations Influencing Voting Behavior

Community members were asked to rate the extent to which five possible motivators influenced their voting behavior: the overall cost to taxpayers, lack of clarity in communication, the Pro statement, the Con statement, and information on social media. Not all survey respondents answered these questions, and some may have selected “Not applicable.”

Top Ranked Projects in the Levy

Respondents were asked to rank order projects listed under “Capital Projects” and “Technology.” The chart below shows the average rank of priorities in order of most important to least important. Use the filter to see “Capital Projects” or “Technology” projects.

Last Modified on February 28, 2024