• The district has sent out communications about the need for budget reductions because of declining enrollment and cuts to federal ESSER school funding. If we pass a levy, will that eliminate the need for reductions?

  • I heard that the district did not ask for or incorporate feedback from the community after the failure of the April, 2023 Bond proposal and 2023 Levy proposal. I also heard the district just took the projects from the failed Bond and Levy and put them in this levy. Is that true?

  • I heard that voting no on this levy will not impact school district programs until 2025. Is this correct?

  • When is the election?

  • Can levy projects be changed without board notification?

  • What is happening with Mill Creek fields?

  • How many 2016 Bond and 2018 Levy projects have been completed? Have any of the projects exceeded levy funding?

  • What is the impact of these proposed levies on my taxes? Where can I get good information about the taxing amounts and rates resulting from this proposal?

  • I heard that the district is eligible for federal emergency relief funding under the new Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Act (ESSER). So why do you need levies?

  • What happens if property values increase?

  • What's on the April 23 ballot?

  • What will happen if Proposition 1 does not pass?

  • How is Kent School District funded?

  • Isn’t it the State’s job to fully fund education? Why are local levies even needed?

  • Who can I speak with if I have more questions or want to request a community informational presentation?

  • What happens to district devices when they reach the end of their lifecycle?

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Last Modified on March 4, 2024