2022-23 Annual Plan & Goals

  • Superintendent and School Board Governance Team In Partnership = Increased Student Achievement

    In the spirit of transparency and commitment to authenticity, here are my goals and evaluation criteria for the 2022-23 school year. We are doing things differently this year by using a collaborative approach to goal setting and identifying criteria. Research indicates superintendents and school boards working together in partnership increases student achievement. Kent School District is focused on students and their learning. To remain focused and provide our students with an excellent education that encompasses the whole child, we must also be committed to continuous learning and improvement along with a strong emphasis on systems coherence. Our theme this year is Building Bridges: every student, every voice, every day.

    Five Things Effective School Districts Do

    1. Collaborative goal setting
    2. Nonnegotiable goals for achievement and instruction
    3. Board alignment and support of district goals
    4. Monitor achievement and instruction goals
    5. Allocate resources to support the goals for achievement and instruction
  • KSD Graduates

    Coherence Graphic

    Student Achievement Graphic

Board Goals and Superintendent Goals

  • Four goals + four years = student success

    Board Goal 1 : Prepare All Students To Be College and Career Ready - Academic Recovery and Student Well Being
    Superintendent Goal: Supporting the Whole Child

    Standards: 1 and 4
    Progress Indicators:       

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports or MTSS

      • Whole Child – Academics/Social Emotional Learning
      • Dyslexia Plan
      • Support and train educators in use of the data to dial down on each student’s needs and address strategies to meet those needs
      • K-3 Math/Literacy

    School Improvement Plans

      • Bring in strategies and tactics that are successful in other scenarios
      • Celebrate with staff and public specific choices which improve student learning

    Innovative Options for Credit

      • Alternative credit pathways (Example: Kent Laboratory Academy/Kent Virtual Academy)
      • Community-based Organizations/Partnerships
      • Competency-based credit opportunities

    Board Goal 2: Engage Parents, Students, Staff, and Community In Two Way Communication
    Superintendent Goal: Student and Family Engagement

    Standard: 2
    Progress Indicators:

    Reinstate KSD Strategic Planning Process/Development

      • In-person town halls
      • Continued school visits
      • Superintendent Advisory

    Student Voice In Decision Making At All Levels

      • Listening sessions
      • Addressing changing student population
      • Identify and understanding the needs of all student communities
      • Address changes in student populations
      • Increase student voice in decision

    Board Goal 3: Create Effective Organizational Systems
    Superintendent Goal: Equitable Systems and Environments

    Standard: 3
    Progress Indicators:

    Safe, Healthy, High Quality Learning Environments

      • Capital Facility Plan

    System Redesign to Support High Quality Learning Environment

      • Boundary Change Plan

    Board Goal 4: Develop & Retain A Diverse, Premier Workforce
    Superintendent Goal: Workforce Development Plan

    Standards: 3 and 4
    Progress Indicators:

    Diverse Workforce Development

      • Employee Wellness/Affinity Groups
      • Leadership Development
      • Compensation
      • Job Alike Professional Development Opportunities
      • Recruitment and Retention
      • Grow Your Own
      • Retain KSD Staff
      • Staff Performance and Evaluation Practice


    1. Instructional Leadership: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by cultivating a shared vision that makes powerful teaching and learning the central focus of schooling
    2. Family/Community Engagement: Promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff through effective partnerships with families, community organizations, and other stakeholders that support the mission of the school and district.
    3. Management/Operations: Promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by ensuring a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment, using resources to implement appropriate curriculum, staffing, and scheduling.
    4. Professional Culture: Promotes success for all students by nurturing and sustaining a school culture of reflective practice, high expectations, and continuous learning for staff.


    • Collaborative goalsetting and research-based criteria – Fall
    • Mid-year Review – Winter
    • Final Evaluation – End of school year

    Sources: Kyle Wiskow: Superintendent and School Board Leadership: A Partnership to increase Student AchievementLarry Nyland ConsultingWashington State School Directors Association, Kent School District Superintendent’s 2022-23 Annual Plan/Evaluation

Last Modified on March 10, 2023