Staff Climate Survey Results

  • Background

    In June 2023 the Kent School District sent out a Staff Climate Survey to all KSD staff members. This survey asks staff to evaluate multiple statements about their school or workplace relating to safety, learning environment, community engagement, and more.

    The Kent School District has conducted climate surveys for more than 10 years. Though some questions in this survey for school-based staff members remained the same as last year’s survey to show a year-to-year comparison, for all staff members new questions were added to this year’s survey. These new questions were designed to align to the updated Strategic Plan 2024-2028. New questions are included below, as well as some of the results which supported the formation of key measures for the Strategic Plan. These questions are designed to gain an understanding about staff preferences relating to belongingness, connectedness, and leadership in their workplace.

    Staff had 10 days to complete the survey. About 35% of KSD staff members responded to the survey, or 1,336 out of 3,861 staff members. Fewer staff members took the survey this year compared to the Spring 2022 Staff Climate Survey.

    View the full results of the survey compared to last year here.

    We also gave a Family Climate Survey in June of 2023; the results can be found here.

Staff Priorities for 2023-2024

Staff members were asked to rank the most important topics for the next school year. Most staff members at KSD ranked Safe and Secure Schools as their highest priority and the 2023 Bond as their lowest priority. This is the second year that a ranked priorities question was posed to staff members, and it was the second year that Safe and Secure Schools was ranked as the highest priority.

The chart below shows the breakout of rankings for each topic. 1st is most important for the following school year; 5th is the least important.

Strategic Plan 2024-2028 & Staff Climate Measures

The updated Strategic Plan 2024-2028 includes three key performance measures which are gathered from the annual Staff Climate Survey. These measures relate to staff perceptions about belongingness at work, satisfaction with their role and environment, and promotion of the organization. The baseline data for the Strategic Plan comes from the Spring 2023 survey.

The first of these measures, aligned to Goal 2: Expanding Student, Family, and Community Partnerships, refers to the level of belongingness that staff feel in their workplace. Baseline data for the Strategic Plan comes from the 2023 Staff Climate Survey, which indicates that 63% of respondents feel a sense of belonging at work.

The final two measures are aligned to Goal 4: Investing in a Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Workplace Cultures. These two measures come from the Staff Climate Survey’s new workplace satisfaction index questions, shown below. Staff members were asked to rate their responses to the prompts below on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low and 10 being high.

Based on these responses, KSD can identify their ratings for the First-Year Employee Satisfaction Index and the Employee Net Promoter Score. On a scale of 0-100, first-year staff respondents rated their satisfaction with their workplace, role, management, and KSD leadership, an average of 63. An employee net promoter score is a scoring system designed to help employers measure satisfaction and loyalty within their organization. For KSD in Spring 2023, staff respondents rated KSD as a -44 on a scale of -100 to 100 using the employee net promoter score system.

Last Modified on August 7, 2023