2023-2024 Employees of the Year

Bus Driver

  • Ivan Liu

    Ivan (Peikun) Liu

    Bus Driver, Transportation

    Bus Drivers (Teamsters)

    Since 2007, Ivan has been a key member of Team KSD, excelling as both a bus driver and driver trainer. Ivan demonstrates individualized care by recognizing and nurturing each student’s unique potential, fostering a belief in their success. He empowers others by sharing his skills and journey, inspiring colleagues to reach their full potential. As a supportive team player, Ivan is always ready to assist fostering a culture of collaboration and success. His commitment extends beyond his daily duties; Ivan actively contributes to the community by serving on the Road-e-o committee, supporting coworkers in their pursuit of excellence. Congratulations to Ivan for his well-deserved recognition!

Central Office Administrator

  • Jennifer Antrobus

    Jennifer Antrobus

    Assistant Director, Assessment

    Central Office Administrators (Non-Rep)

    A valued member of Team KSD since 2007, Jennifer initially served as a kindergarten teacher at Ridgewood Elementary before transitioning to Soos Creek from 2008 to 2013. Her dedication led her to become an ELL Instructional Specialist in 2013, where she excelled in supporting students through innovative approaches such as the World Language Credit proficiency test. Recently, Jennifer assumed the role of Assistant Director of Assessment in 2021. Throughout her nearly two decades with KSD, Jennifer has consistently gone above and beyond, providing invaluable mentorship and support to her colleagues while prioritizing the needs of students. Her commitment to ensuring students’ success, coupled with her tireless efforts in improving assessment systems, has earned her the well-deserved recognition as the KSD 2023-2024 Non-Rep Central Office Admin Employee of the Year. Congratulations once again, Jennifer!


  • Kunzelman, Stewart

    Stewart Kunzelman

    Head Cross Country Coach, Kentwood High School

    Kent Association of Coaches & Extracurricular Employees (WEA)

    A proud KSD alumni, Stewart joined Team KSD in 2021 as assistant track coach and head cross country coach at Kentwood High School, while also starting as an Inclusive Education (IE) Paraeducator. His coaching emphasizes sportsmanship and holistic education, drawing from his psychology background. Stewart initiated Unified sports programs for Kentwood IE students, fostering inclusion and teamwork. He’s dedicated to his community and constantly seeks to improve his coaching skills. Thank you, Stewart, for your leadership and passion. Congratulations again!

Information Technology

  • Keele, James

    James Keele

    IT Network Engineer III

    AFSCME (Information Technology) 

    James Keele, a dedicated member of Team KSD for 25 years, has been honored as the AFSCME Employee of the Year for 2023-2024. As a Network Specialist III, James is instrumental in maintaining the district’s networking infrastructure, crucial for students to engage with the digital world. Known for his unwavering support and teamwork, James ensures seamless internet access, supports Tele centers and phone systems for effective communications, and spearheads essential projects like the network cabling initiative. His forward-thinking approach and commitment to student success make him a deserving recipient of this prestigious recognition. Congratulations, James, on this well-deserved honor!


  • Mark Moleno

    Mark Moleno

    Head Custodian, Martin Sortun Elementary

    Bus Garage Mechanics, Custodians, Nutrition Services Drivers, Maintenance, Print Shop, Warehouse Drivers (AFT)

    Mark Moleno, a longstanding member of Team KSD since 2002, has been recognized as the AFT Employee of the Year for 2023-2024. Starting as a custodian and later assuming the role of head custodian at Martin Sortun in September 2013, Mark’s dedication, and commitment to the school community shine through his actions. Known for his exceptional ability to build relationships with students, Mark goes above and beyond his custodial duties, engaging with students, assisting them with lunch, and instilling in them the importance of maintaining a clean school environment. His exemplar work ethic extends beyond the district as he mentors others, volunteers for fire watch duties, and consistently offers support to teacher and students alike. Mark’s “whatever is needed” attitude embodies the spirit of teamwork and service, making him a deserving recipient of this esteemed recognition. Congratulations Mark!


  • Kathy Morrisson

    Kathy Morrisson

    Career Center Specialist, Kentlake High School

    Central Office & School-Based Non-Administrative/Non-Supervisory Staff (Non-Rep)

    A dedicated KSD graduate, Kathy has held numerous roles since joining in 1992, culminating in her current position as Career Center Specialist. Known for her emphasis on fostering relationships, she tirelessly supports students’ achievements and promotes inclusivity, particularly for BIPOC and LGBTQ students. Through partnerships with local businesses and schools, she expands students’ career horizons. Kathy’s leadership guides Kentlake students toward post-high school success, offering vital support with financial aid and vocational opportunities. As the voice of Kentlake, she ensures community engagement via social media. Kathy’s ultimate goal is to empower students for global participation in their post-secondary pursuits, earning her the KSD 2023-2024 Non-Rep/Non-Admin Employee of the Year award. Congratulations Kathy!


Non-Classroom Certificated

  • Vradenburg, Steven

    Steven Vradenburg

    Academic Interventionist

    Non-Classroom Certificated Staff (KEA)

    Steven Vradenburg’s recognition as the KEA Non-Classroom Employee of the Year celebrates his unwavering commitment to student success and community at Martin Sortun. From transitioning from teaching fourth grade to his current role as an academic interventionist, Steven fosters critical thinking, creativity, and global citizenship among students. He is a beacon of positivity and collaboration, inspiring colleagues through innovative teaching practices and dedication to personalized instruction. His leadership within Team KSD strengthens the school community, setting a high standard for educators everywhere.

Nutrition Services

  • Tammi BrownTammi Brown

    Lead Shipper, Central Kitchen

    Nutrition Services (KSFSA)

    Tammi has been an integral part of Team KSD since 1999, initially joining as a temporary employee before transitioning to a food service helper. After a hiatus from 2005 to 2012, Tammi returned to KSD, eventually assuming roles as an assistant lead shipper in 2013 and progressing to lead shipper by 2015. Throughout her tenure, Tammi has demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism in her position as shipping manager at Central Kitchen, consistently exceeding expectations and fostering a positive atmosphere among school kitchen staff. Her outstanding performance, coupled with her cheerful demeanor, makes her a truly deserving recipient of the KSD 2023-2024 KSFSA Employee of the Year award. Congratulations once again, Tammi!

Office Professional

  • Katie Jones

    Katie Jones

    Data Processor, Cedar Valley Elementary

    Office Professionals (KAEOP)

    Katie joined Team KSD in 2020 as a data processor (AAII) and since then has made a remarkable impact within a short span. Her dedication to inclusion is evident in her efforts to greet new students in their native languages and teach global respect, sportsmanship, and responsibility during recess. Katie’s creation of a drama program not only fosters teamwork and creativity but also involves the entire school community, with parent volunteers contributing to sets and programs and local members attending performances. She possesses a unique ability to recognize the potential in every student and nurtures it with genuine belief and encouragement, even for the most challenging scholars. Katie’s passion for children, coupled with her growth mindset and professional demeanor, has led her to pursue further education, with plans to become a teacher and join the KSD team in the fall. Her well-deserved recognition as this year’s KAEOP Employee of the Year celebrates her exceptional contributions and dedication. Congratulations Katie!


  • Fites, adam

    Adam Fites

    Paraeducator, Daniel Elementary

    Kent Association of Paraeducators (KAP)

    Adam Fites, a valued member of Team KSD since 2021, has been honored as the KAP Employee of the Year for 2023-2024. In his role in the library, Adam has demonstrated a profound commitment to student well-being and equity. Beyond his basic responsibilities, Adam actively advocates for students’ needs and equitable practices, using his voice to foster a supportive environment. He has worked tirelessly to cultivate a library space that reflects the diversity of the student body, ensuring access to materials in various languages and formats. Adam’s dedication extends to providing individualized support to students, helping them navigate their emotions and find their voice. Through his clear communication and willingness to assist others, Adam embodies the values of community, equity, and excellence, making him a deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade. Congratulations, Adam, on this well-deserved recognition!


  • Allyson LaRosa-Flick

    Allyson LaRosa-Flick

    Assistant Principal, Soos Creek Elementary

    Principals or Assistant Principals (KPA)

    Allyson joined Team KSD in 2013 as a fifth grade teacher before assuming roles in library/tech integration and academic intervention. Recently appointed as assistant principal at Soos Creek Elementary, Allyson’s leadership and dedication shine through various initiatives. She fosters inclusivity by organizing cultural-themed events in the school hallways and collaborates with the PTA to enhance family involvement through engaging activities like “Read Across America” week and math nights. Allyson’s commitment extends beyond academics; she volunteers as an art docent and connects community partners with families for additional support. Her efforts exemplify Team KSD’s values, making her a deserving recipient of this year’s Principal Employee of the Year award. Congratulations Allyson!


  • Ebru KeremogluEbru Keremoglu

    Teacher, Kentlake High School

    Kent Education Association (KEA)

    A science teacher at Kentlake High School since 2018, Ebru brings a rich international teaching background to her role. With experience teaching in Kyrgyzstan and Africa, she inspires students to excel in science and environmental projects. Ebru emphasizes phenomena-based learning and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Education Leadership, focusing on supporting ELL students. Beyond teaching, she actively volunteers and advocates for peach initiatives. Fluent in multiple languages, she prioritizes parent communication and fosters a welcoming classroom environment. Ebru’s commitment to diversity and global education aligns with the district’s goals, making her a positive role model for students. Congratulations Ebru, KSD’s teacher of the year!

Last Modified on May 22, 2024