Curriculum Review

  • Kent School District staff and community members are working to review, select, recommend, and adopt curriculum to support teaching and learning. This process has required considerable commitment and thoughtful review from each member of this committee. The following information is a high-level summary and timeline of the process.  In alignment with Board Policy 2020 and Procedure 2020P, we are engaged in reviewing the following curriculum resources (this page will be updated to provide summaries for each review):

    • K-5 English Language Arts / Spanish Language Arts

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K-5 Literacy Review Timeline

  • K-5 Literacy Review Timeline 2022-2023

  • K-5 Literacy Review Timeline 2021-2022

Amplify Pilot FAQs

  • Why is KSD purchasing a new Elementary ELA curriculum?

  • What curriculum was reviewed for possible adoption?

  • Why did the Amplify CKLA/Caminos curriculum get chosen for pilot?

  • How did the pilot to address the concerns of the larger review committee?

  • What data was collected during the pilot?

  • How does CKLA/Caminos align with Science and Social Studies?

  • How was the decision made to recommend the Amplify curriculum to the Instructional Materials Council?

  • What is the process now that the recommendation has been made?

Last Modified on May 18, 2023