COVID-19 Dashboards

  • COVID-19 School Closures During the 2021-22 School Year

    Closure of a classroom after consultation with Public Health will be considered when:

    • Three or more students or staff in the same room/area test positive for COVID-19
    • The cases have symptoms that start within 14 days of each other
    • The cases are not associated with one another in another setting (household, club, etc.)

    A COVID-19 outbreak in a school is considered when the following have been met: 

    • There are three or more COVID-19 cases among students or staff.
    • The cases have a symptom onset or positive test result within a 14-day period of each other.
    • The cases are epidemiologically linked.
    • The cases do not share a household.
    • The cases are not identified as close contacts of each other in another setting during the investigation.

    What happens when a classroom or school is closed?

    The School Status Map shows the current status of individual KSD schools.

KSD COVID-19 Cases Dashboard

  • Historical case information from April 2021, when in-person student activities and hybrid learning began, through September 30, 2021, is also available on our website.

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  • Events

    Postive COVID-19 cases were reported after these public events.

    • Kentwood Productions of Mama Mia 
    • Carriage Crest Spring Concert - May 19, 2022
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