Extracurricular Fee Waiver

  • Free Extracurricular Participation for Eligible Students

    To ensure that the participation in optional, non-credit, extracurricular activities are made available to all students regardless of family income, Kent School District (KSD) will continue to support this commitment through ongoing partnership and communication. Washington State Legislature House Bill 1660 requires school districts to waive attendance or participation fees for eligible students in all grade levels. A Family Activity Card will be mailed to families that qualify for free and reduced-price meals. The Family Activity Card allows the parents/guardians and their elementary age and younger children to enter KSD sponsored events for free or at a reduced rate. Be sure to complete an online free and reduced-price meal application to see if you are eligible.

    Student Fees Eligible for Waiver

    Eligible students with a completed fee waiver on file do not have to pay fees for:

    • Associated Student Body (ASB) card designation
    • ASB/school activity participation or entry
    • ASB dues/membership
    • ASB field trips/travel
    • Gate fees for home games
    • Uniforms (may be required to return after use or be subject to fine)

    Student Fees Not Eligible for Waiver

    • Booster/PTA fundraisers
    • Charitable fundraisers
    • Concessions
    • Gate fees for away games
    • Parking
    • Photos
    • Spirit wear
    • Testing (ACT/AP/SAT)
    • Yearbook (includes ads)
    • Fines (option to volunteer)
    • Student Eligibility

    Kent School District will identify eligible students and automatically apply the fee waiver each school year based on a qualifying and completed application for at least one of the following, including a consent to share eligibility status:

Frequently Asked Fee Waiver Questions

  • How do I find out if my family is eligible for the waiver and which application should I complete?

  • When will the fee waiver be available for each school year?

  • How often do I have to apply for the waiver?

  • Which student fees are eligible for the waiver?

  • Which student fees are not eligible for the waiver?

  • What is House Bill 1660?

Last Modified on August 12, 2021