COVID-19 Outbreaks

  • COVID-19 Outbreaks

    In schools A COVID-19 outbreak is considered when the following have been met:

    • There are two or more laboratory-positive (PCR or antigen) COVID-19 cases among students or staff.
    • The cases have a symptom onset within a 14-day period of each other.
    • The cases are epidemiologically linked.
    • The cases do not share a household.
    • The cases are not identified as close contacts of each other in another setting during the investigation.

    If two or more laboratory positive (PCR or antigen) COVID-19 cases occur within the group or cohort within a 14- day period during hybrid learning, and this is confirmed by Public Health Seattle King County, we will dismiss the entire classroom for home quarantine for 14 days. Families will be notified via phone, email, text, and website the day of confirmation from public health when reminded the day before the quarantine ends.

    At the direction of Public Health Seattle King County, during hybrid learning, KSD will close a school and switch to remote learning for 14 days when:

    • 2 or more classrooms are dismissed due to outbreaks in schools with 10 or fewer classrooms.
    • 10% or more of classrooms are dismissed due to outbreaks in schools with greater than 10 classrooms.
    • School cannot function due to insufficient teaching or support staff.
Last Modified on April 7, 2021