Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment Policy

    Students and staff are protected against sexual harassment by anyone in any school program or activity, including on the school campus, on the school bus, or off-campus during a school-sponsored activity.

    Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior or communication that is sexual in nature when:

    • A student or employee is led to believe that he or she must submit to unwelcome sexual conduct or communications in order to gain something in return, such as a grade, a promotion, a place on a sports team, or any educational or employment decision.
    • The conduct substantially interferes with a student's educational performance, or creates an intimidating or hostile educational or employment environment.

    Examples of sexual harassment include:

    • Pressuring a person for sexual favors.
    • Unwelcome touching of a sexual nature.
    • Writing graffiti of a sexual nature.
    • Distributing sexually explicit texts, e-mails, or pictures.
    • Making sexual jokes, rumors, or suggestive remarks.
    • Physical violence, including rape and sexual assault.

    View the Kent School District (KSD) Sexual Harassment Policy 3205 and Procedure 3205P online or contact your school office or the KSD Administration Center for a copy.

    Report sexual harassment to any school staff member or the KSD Title IX coordinator. You also have the right to file a complaint.

Report Sexual Harassment

Last Modified on July 10, 2023