HIV/AIDS Parent Preview

  • Required Curriculum for Grades 5-12

    Following state law, Kent School District (KSD) provides HIV/AIDS prevention education to students in grades 5-12 as part of the human growth and sexuality curriculum in health classes.

    The HIV/AIDs unit is designed to meet the Health Essential Academic Learning Requirements established by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). It is intended to supplement, not replace what is being taught at home.

    Since HIV/AIDS can be a sensitive topic, students may be excused from class by a parent/guardian and assigned an alternate activity.

    Annual Preview & Opt-Out Process

    Before excusing your student from class, state law and district policy require you to preview the HIV/AIDS materials each school year even if you have previously reviewed the materials for that grade level for another student.

    Due to building closures for COVID-19, the annual HIV/AIDS parent preview and opt-out process will take place online while KSD is in a remote learning environment.

    Step 1: Receive Notification

    Your student’s teacher will notify you 30 days before the HIV/AIDS unit is presented so you have an opportunity to preview materials and exempt your student from instruction.

    Step 2: Request Access to Materials

    Email Dr. Christopher White at to preview to all lessons, videos, and other materials that will be shared as part of the HIV/AIDS unit.

    Please allow 1-3 school days for him to respond with a link for you to access the materials online through a Microsoft Teams site.

    Step 3: Preview Materials & Decide

    After previewing all HIV/AIDS materials, you may choose to opt your student out of participation by completing an online form available in the Microsoft Teams site.

    Human Growth & Sexuality

    If you wish to preview and opt your student out of the Human Growth and Sexuality unit, please contact your school.

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Last Modified on December 7, 2020