Elementary Resources

  • Learning Support Resources for Students in Grades K-6

    Use the Elementary Daily Schedule, Elementary Learning Opportunities Schedule (PDF), and these online resources to structure learning opportunities for students every weekday during our closure.

    Resources are listed alphabetically by category:

    • Art, Music & Physical Education
    • Math
    • Multiple Subject Areas
    • Reading & Writing
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • STEM

    Learning Packets

    Elementary learning packets are being mailed to families and are available electronically.

Art, Music & Physical Education


Multiple Subject Areas

  • i-Ready at Home

    • Who: Grades K-8
    • Purpose: Develop literacy and math skills.
    • Recommendation: Complete one reading and math lesson every day.
    • Instructions: Printable activity packs are available.

    Actively Learn

    • Who: Grades 3-12; HiCap
    • Purpose: Develop reading and writing skills by reading articles, watching videos or completing simulations.
    • Recommendation: Read an article, watch a video, or complete a simulation and answer questions.
    • Instructions: Complete the following steps to log in.
      • Log in via Clever with KSD login/password.
      • Choose independent reading.
      • Choose your grade level.
      • Choose an article of interest to read (read article review to help in selection).
      • While reading respond to questions and prompts found within the article and on the margins.

    Discovery Education

    • Who: Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Online articles for literacy instruction in all content areas.
    • Recommendation: Read an article every day.
    • Instructions: Use your Kent School District login information (the same username and password you use to login in on your district laptop).

    PBS Learning Media

    • Who: Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Practice reading and writing through visual media.
    • Recommendation: Watch weekly and complete 4-5 questions from the support materials.

    Virtual Field Trips

    • Who: Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Visit more than 30 locations (San Diego Zoo, Yellowstone National Park, and more) from your computer.
    • Recommendation: Virtually visit one location a week. 

Reading & Writing


  • Elementary GLOBE

    • Who: Grades K-4
    • Purpose: Enhance science knowledge and understanding.
    • Recommendation: Choose one module and complete it.

    National Geographic Kids

    • Who: Grades K-6
    • Purpose: Enhance science knowledge and understanding.
    • Recommendation: Select at least one topic and explore it.
    • Instructions: Create an account.


    • Who: Grades K-6
    • Purpose: Enhance science knowledge and understanding.
    • Recommendation: Choose at least one game or a video to play or watch.
      Instructions: Create an account.


    • Who: Grades K-6
    • Purpose: Enhance science knowledge and understanding.
    • Recommendation: Select one activity to complete. 
    • Instructions: Create an account.

    PhET Interactive Simulations

    • Who: Grades 3-12
    • Purpose: Investigate science content and increase science skills.
    • Recommendation: Complete one simulation and/or visual experiment every week. 
    • Instructions: Search by grade level or subject area to find simulations of interest. Lessons may be found under the "For Teachers" tab. Students can follow a lesson or investigate on their own.

Social Studies

  • ProQuest CultureGrams

    • Who: Grades 3-8
    • Purpose: Explore maps and articles on social studies topics.
    • Recommendation: Read one article every day.

    Teaching Tolerance

    • Who: Grades 3-12
    • Purpose: Learn tolerance through culturally relevant student texts.
    • Recommendation: Read one article every week.
    • Instructions: Create a free account and select student texts under classroom resources.


  • CODE

    • Who: Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Develop coding and computer skills.
    • Recommendation: Complete at least one lesson a week.


    • Who: Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Develop financial literacy skills and explore other subjects.
    • Recommendation: Watch one video every week.
    • Instructions: Use the Subject/Grade chart to choose the most appropriate videos.


    • Who Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Explore engineering design.
    • Recommendation: Visit the TeachEngineering website to complete at least one lesson a week.

    Typing Club

    • Who: Grades K-12
    • Purpose: Learn and improve typing skills.
    • Recommendation: Complete one lesson every day.

    Learning.com EasyTech

    • Who: Grades 2-6
    • Purpose: Learn and practice word processing in real-life situations while mastering touch typing.
    • Recommendation: Complete one typing exercise every day.
    • Instructions: Use your student Clever login to access this resource from home.
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