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  • Planning is Underway for 2020-2021

    Kent School District is engaging high school students, families, staff, and our community to develop a student-centered and equitable reopening plan for fall 2020.

    We will present a back-to-school plan to the Kent School Board for adoption during the August 13 board meeting that:

    • Mitigates and minimizes the spread of Coronavirus.
    • Keeps students and staff healthy and safe.
    • Is in alignment with our strategic goals and core values. 
    • Is developed using our racial equity lens.
    • Enables students and staff to focus on student learning.
    • Supports social-emotional well-being and interaction for students and adults.
    • Provides families timely information through this transition and a plan for ongoing two-way, meaningful communication throughout the 2020-2021 school year 

    The KSD Back-to-School Task Force (BTSTF) has been created to collaborate on a plan. Task force volunteers represent our labor partners and various community groups.

    • Maintenance and custodial staff from AFT
    • Coaches/extra-curricular employees
    • Office professionals from KAEOP
    • Paraeducators from KAP
    • Teachers/certificated staff from KEA
    • Food service staff from KSFSA
    • Principals from KPA
    • Non-represented employees
    • Bus drivers
    • Parents from the Kent Area Council Parent Teacher Student Association
    • Current high school students
    • KSD Educators of Color Cohort members
    • Equity Council members

    BTSTF volunteers will participate in smaller work groups to create checklists, best practices, resources, and consider specific elements of the plan including student learning, health and safety, social emotional wellness, school operations, communications, meals, and transportation.


    • June 24 - July 1: The BTSTF creates a plan for all students physically returning to school buildings.
    • July 1-8: The BTSTF creates a plan for a hybrid model where all students spend some time in school buildings and engage in remote, online instruction.
    • July 8-15: The BTSTF creates a plan for a continuous learning 2.0 model where all students engage in remote, online instruction.
    • July 15-17: The BTSTF adjusts plans following new guidance from local, state, or federal authorities and comparesto other groups.
    • July 20: Plans are presented to the entire workgroup and KSD leadership.
    • July 21-31: All three plans are combined and refined into one final KSD plan. Team KSD develops professional learning courses in alignment with the plan and finalizes communications.
    • August 3: The final plan is shared with the Kent School Board.
    • August 13: Kent School Board adopts the plan in a public board meeting.

    Stay Connected

    We will continue to send frequent updates with information for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Resources & More Information

    • Athletics: KSD athletics and activities will resume in phases.
    • Childcare: Childcare is available for school-aged children of first responders and healthcare workers.
    • Community Resources: Various community food, clothing, and shelter resources are available to KSD families.
    • Enrollment: Families who are new to the Kent School District can enroll students for the 2020-2021 school year online.
    • Facility Use: KSD facilities will open to the public in phases.
    • Free Summer Meals: Meals are available to all children 0-18 years old every Monday from June 29 through August 17 at select locations across Kent School District. There is no service on June 22.
    • Graduation: We are celebrating the class of 2020 in school ceremonies this July.
    • Home Internet Access: We are distributing hotspots throughout the summer.
    • Kindergarten Registration: Families can register kindergarten students online.
    • Laptop Support: Students and staff who will not return to KSD for 2020-2021 must return their laptops. Everyone else is keeping theirs throughout the summer.
    • Student Calendar: Thursday, August 27 is the first day of school.


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