Elementary HiCap Programs

  • Grades K-2

    Primary Education Enrichment Program (PEEP)

    In grades K-2, services are offered at the student’s neighborhood school in a general education classroom through our Primary Enrichment Program (PEEP). This program is designed to build on students’ strengths and to nurture their potential so that advanced ability has the opportunity to emerge.

    Services may include:

    • Differentiated instruction with flexible grouping
    • Enhanced/enriched content or curriculum
    • Adjusted pacing
    • Curriculum compacting

    Kindergarten Advanced Learning (HiCap) Referral Form 2023-2024
    Grade 1 Advanced Learning (HiCap) Referral Form 2023-2024

    Grades 3-5

    In grades 3-5, qualified students are currently served through two program service delivery models.

    To refer your child for possible HiCap services, please click on the link below and fill out the referral form.

    Grades 3 & 4 Advanced Learning (HiCap) Referral Form 2023-2024

    Academic Clustered Enrichment Program

    The Academic Clustered Enrichment program, located at all elementary sites, is designed to provide students with HiCap services in one or more academic areas. In this model, students are clustered with their intellectual peers and served in general education classrooms at their neighborhood school. A specially trained HiCap Program teacher provides Academic Clustered Enrichment students with differentiated and rigorous academic instruction, classroom activities that enrich and extend learning, and support for social-emotional development.

    Appropriate services options may include:

    • Rigorous, differentiated academic instruction with flexible grouping
    • Support for students’ social-emotional development
    • Adjusted pacing
    • Curriculum compacting with the use of independent study and projects
    • Cohort of intellectual and age peers
    • Support for social-emotional needs

    Odyssey Program

    Students who are academically gifted at the highest levels in both math AND reading will be served through the Odyssey Program in self-contained classrooms at selected program sites. Identified students are offered enrollment and transportation to the appropriate HiCap Odyssey site based on home address or established daycare waiver address. The Odyssey program is designed to provide students with rigorous and substantially modified curriculum and support for social-emotional development in specialized, self-contained classrooms.

    Appropriate service options within the self-contained classroom may include:

    • Above grade level curriculum acceleration
    • Differentiated instruction with flexible grouping
    • Enhanced/enriched content or curriculum
    • Curriculum compacting with the use of independent study/projects
    • Support for social-emotional needs

    Students identified for services and their families will be invited to learn more and to provide input through program open houses in the spring. Identified students are served at one of five school sites:

    • Grass Lake Elementary School
    • Lake Youngs Elementary School
    • Neely- O’Brien Elementary School
    • Ridgewood Elementary School
    • Sunrise Elementary School

    Grades 2 & 5: 

    All students in grades 2 & 5 will be universally screened for HiCap services. If you would not like your student to be tested or considered for HiCap services, please complete the 2023 – 2024 Grade 2 and 5 Universal Screener Refusal Form  by January 26, 2024.

    If your student currently receives HiCap services in KSD, participation in the HiCap screening process will not result in the ending or removal from receiving services. 

Last Modified on September 13, 2023