Grades K-5

  • Second Step Curriculum

    Kent School District (KSD) students learn skills to support their emotional development, social skills, safety, and well-being using Second Step curriculum from kindergarten to eighth grade.

    In kindergarten through fifth grades, the Second Step units focus on skills for learning, listening, empathy, emotion management, problem solving, friendship skills, and bullying prevention.

    Skills for Learning

    Students learn strategies to focus attention, listen, be assertive, and use self-talk so they can voice their needs to teachers or other students and advocate for their learning needs.


    Students learn to have compassion for other students by using body language and facial expressions to understand emotions and the impact their actions can have on others.

    Emotion Management

    Students learn to recognize their emotions and use strategies to regulate them or calm down.

    1. Stop – Use your signal
    2. Name your feeling
    3. Calm down: breath, count, use positive self-talk

    Problem Solving

    Students learn steps to support decision making that can be reinforced throughout the school day and at home.

    1. Say the problem without blame
    2. Think of solutions
    3. Explore consequences
    4. Pick the best solution

    Friendship Skills

    Students learn how to play fairly with others and how to invite others to play or ask to be included. How to use empathy, problem solving and emotion management to be a good friend.

    Bullying Prevention

    Students learn how to recognize, respond to, and report abuse. This positive approach to bullying allows students to understand the bystander; how they can support the victim as well as discourage the behavior from the bully.

    Discover information, resources, and the reporting process for bullying in the Kent School District


    Find videos and tools to support social emotional learning for elementary students through Second Step.

    Second Step Tool Codes

    Visit the Second Step website and input the specific code for each grade level.

    • Kindergarten: SSPK FAMI LY70
    • Grade 1: SSP1 FAMI LY71
    • Grade 2: SSP2 FAMI LY72
    • Grade 3: SSP3 FAMI LY73
    • Grade 4: SSP4 FAMI LY74
    • Grade 5: SSP5 FAMI LY75

    Bullying Prevention Tool Codes

    Visit the Second Step website and input the specific code for each grade level.

    • Kindergarten: BPUK FAMI LY00
    • Grade 1: BPU1 FAMI LY01
    • Grade 2: BPU2 FAMI LY02
    • Grade 3: BPU3 FAMI LY03
    • Grade 4: BPU4 FAMI LY04
    • Grade 5: BPU5 FAMI LY05

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Last Modified on June 27, 2023