SOAR Expectations

  • Crestwood Dragonflies SOAR

    Crestwood Dragonflies are expected to follow these expectations at all times:

    S - Safety

    O - On Task

    A - Academic Attitude

    R - Respect and Responsibility 

    SOAR Pledge

    The Crestwood SOAR Pledge was written by our music teacher, Ms. Lyons. The pledge is recited as a whole school every Monday during the announcements.

    As Dragonflies we aim for the sky,
    Using safety as we fly by.
    We do our best, on task we stay,
    In school to learn all through the day.
    Respect will give us all great pride,
    As on the wings of responsibility we ride.
    We SOAR to great heights,
    and why do we SOAR?
    Because we're the Dragonflies and
    "We Expect More!"

    Behavior Expectations Matrix

    The core values at Crestwood Elementary School are the Crestwood Way: Safety, On Task, Academic Attitude, and Respect and Responsibility. Our staff members will refer to these as the SOAR Expectations. We want all of our Dragonflies to SOAR! All students are explicitly taught what it looks like to be self-managers, to achieve, and be respectful and responsible in every area at our school. These behavior expectations are clearly displayed on the walls around our school.

    Each standard is then broken down into different categories along with an explanation of how each expectation should look in every area of the Crestwood campus.

    During the first week of school, students will be introduced to PBIS and the Crestwood SOAR Expectations. Teachers will discuss our SOAR expectations. During this time, students are taught the expected behaviors for each category of the Crestwood Behavior Matrix.  

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Behavior Expectations Matrix

  • Arrival & Dismissal

  • Assembly

  • Bathroom

  • Bus

  • Computer Lab

  • Hallway

  • Library

  • Lunch

  • Playground

Last Modified on April 16, 2019