Running Start Program Overview

  • Attend Classes at a Local Community College

    Students can take classes at any community college in the state of Washington as long as they have transportation to the college, earn the minimum required score on the college’s qualifying test, and complete the college’s specific orientation process.

    Colleges closest to Kent School District (KSD) include:

    Earn Up to 15 College Credits Tuition Free

    The state of Washington will pay tuition for to 15 college credits when high school students attend a local community college.

    Cost for Families

    Students and families are responsible for the cost of books and class fees for all classes each quarter. There are three college quarters a school year.

    • Books cost approximately $50 to $250 per quarter.
    • Class fees cost approximately $50 to $150 per quarter.

    Is Running Start Right for Your Student?

    There are many advantages to participating in Running Start, but it may not be right for every student.


    • The student earns colleges credits.
    • The student experiences the college environment first-hand.
    • The student has an opportunity to earn an associate degree and high school diploma at the same time.
    • Tuition for classes is paid for by the state of Washington.
    • The student can complete the first two years of a bachelors degree with a university transfer degree.


    • The student is viewed as an adult; therefore, parents do not have access to attendance or grades at the college.
    • If the student is unsuccessful by earning one F or earning below a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) for three quarters, he or she will be dismissed from the Running Start program.
    • If the student fails classes, he or she can fall behind in credits for on-time high school graduation.
    • The student and family must pay for books and class fees for all classes each quarter.
    • The student must provide his or her own transportation.

    Get Started

    Learn more about how students qualify for Running Start.

Last Modified on March 5, 2019