Annual Goals

  • 2018-2019 School Year

    The Kent School Board's goals for the 2018-2019 school year were developed over the summer together by the Board Superintendent Governance Team (BSGT) and unanimously approved by the Board at the regular board meeting on September 12, 2018.  

    Goal 1

    Align Kent School District (KSD) strategic plan metrics (as decided by the community) and the superintendent evaluation for efficiency and effectiveness. 

    1. Review and progress monitoring of reasonable progress to meet the strategic plan metrics of the school year will be done in four (4) sessions during the school year.
    2. Superintendent evaluations will be conducted throughout the year to ensure success – the suggestion is four (4) evaluations per school year.

    Goal 2

    Develop a board communications plan aligned with the district’s communication plan and monitor it on a monthly basis.

    The Board Superintendent Governance Team (BSGT) will review and revise our Board and district communication strategies in order to: 

    • Develop and implement an effective process to respond to questions, concerns, comments or feedback from citizens.
    • Inform the public of the board’s roles and responsibilities.
    • Communicate proactively to disseminate information that addresses issues throughout the system and community.
    • Communicate district performance to the public in clear and understandable ways.
    • Seek community and staff input in its decision-making to gain community and staff support.
    • Carefully consider community and staff input in its decision-making.

    Board and staff will discuss, on a monthly basis, feedback from all stakeholders and progress being made to both district and board communication plans.

    1. Report to the public on a quarterly basis. 
    2. Continue quarterly board community conversations.

    Goal 3

    Schedule and execute regular policy reviews and establish a cycle of reviewing policies for the current and the following three school years.

    1. Review the prioritized policies that are undergoing internal review.
    2. Discuss and determine policies to review that strategically support our goals for the current school year.

    Policy review process steps will be guided by WSSDA’s policy audit (level 1 or level 2 to be determined).

Board Communications Plan

  • The purpose of the Kent School District’s (KSD) Board Communications Plan is to present a clear and concise framework for communicating with our school community.

    The plan addresses all district audiences including students, staff, families, volunteers, prospective employees, business community members and professional associations, elected officials, civic groups, faith-based groups and all members of the KSD community.

    Progress to this goal will be evidenced through:

    • A report on the review of communications.
    • A communication plan for the school year.
    • Feedback from staff and community members before and after implementation of the revised communication plan.

    The KSD Board Communications Plan is a living document that will be continuously reviewed and updated by the Board-Superintendent Governance Team (BSGT). The plan was written by and developed in partnership with the KSD Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Melissa Laramie. This plan is in alignment with the district communications plan and with the Vision, Mission and Core Values of Kent School District.

    As called for the in BSGT Communication Goals and this Communications plan the KSD Board has reserved the first work session of each month in 2018-19 for a Communications Plan review. Additionally, a quarterly report will be given on the Board Communications plan during a regular board meeting.

    KSD Board Communications Plan September 2018 – August 2019 (Updated October 4, 2018)

Last Modified on May 20, 2020