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    Our Finance and Budget team is responsible for the compilation and administration of the district budget, financial projections and planning, district enrollment projections and reporting, the District’s Capital Facilities Plan, Capital Projects financial monitoring ASB general support services, internal auditing service, grants analysis and tracking, archiving and position control, along with other financial analysis and assistance.

    Posting of School Year 2021-22 Proposed Budget & Notice of Public Hearing

    Public Notice Given Pursuant to WAC 392-123-054

    By July 10 of each year, the Kent School District prepares an annual budget and publishes a notice of its completion, making the budget available for public review on the KSD website. The proposed budget may now be reviewed at this link, or by requesting a paper copy through the KSD Office of Budget & Finance.

    Be advised that the Kent School District Board of Directors is scheduled to meet for the purpose of fixing and adopting the budget of the district for the ensuing fiscal year and will consider any budget extensions for fiscal year 2020-2021 as may be required, August 25, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room at the Kent School District Administrative Headquarters located at 12033 SE 256th Street in Kent, or by virtual meeting, depending upon public health condition and protocols at that time. The Board may also hold additional public hearings on the Budget at its discretion. Check back at the Kent School Board website for updates and details.

    Any person may appear and be heard for or against any part of the proposed budget at the Public Hearing portion of this meeting. Please submit a public comment submission form. Specify that you wish to speak at the Public Hearing on the Budget.

    The Board has additionally held a series of budget development work sessions which were open to the public. These sessions include the development of budget priorities and analysis of financial data.

    Review the materials from the sessions:

    Notice of this public hearing will be published at least once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in our broader community, and the last notice will be published no later than seven days immediately prior to the hearing date.

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Last Modified on August 17, 2021