Schedule Changes

  • Schedule Change Process

    While there are many legitimate reasons for a schedule change to be granted, it is not always possible to grant a schedule change due to class size and/or availability of elective choice.

    Schedule change requests are reviewed and made during the first two weeks of each semester based on the following criteria: 

      • The student is enrolled in a course or courses without meeting the prerequisite
      • The student has multiple or double periods
      • The student is misplaced as determined by the counselor, teacher, or administrator
      • The student is missing a class

    Counselors will not make schedule changes once the new semester starts. Please complete the Schedule Change Form .

    Exiting Honors or High-School Credit Bearing Classes

    Students may not decide to exit self-selected honors or high-school credit-bearing classes without parental consent. 

    If a parent is concerned and wants a student removed, or the student wants to be removed, the next step is to fill out the Schedule Change Form , and someone will be in contact shortly. 

    Teacher Change Process

    If a student or a parent has a concern about a teacher, we recommend that parents first reach out to the teacher first via email or phone to problem solve with the teacher and come up with solutions. 

    If after you have reached out to the teacher and talked to them about your concerns and the solutions you tried are not working, then you can request a meeting with the teacher, administration, the student, and the counselor. During that meeting, we will discuss any issues in the classroom and how they can be addressed. A final decision will be made about the next steps at the meeting.

    A student will not be removed from a class for any of the following reasons:

      • The student does not like the teacher/class
      • The student wants to be in a class with friends
      • The student wants a different lunch
      • The student believes the class is too hard/has too much homework
      • The student wants a different period for the class

    Requesting a Meeting with the Teacher

    For a counselor to schedule a parent meeting with a teacher, parents must have already:

    1. Contacted the teacher and talked to the teacher about any concerns or issues
    2. Tried to problem solve with the teacher

    If the steps above have not worked and further intervention is needed, the parent can then ask for a meeting with the teacher.

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Last Modified on November 16, 2023