About Us

  • Our Mission

    To support the school community by developing and integrating a comprehensive guidance program that will equip students with academic, college/career, and social-emotional skills. This can enable students to develop a positive sense of self, to become responsible citizens, and to become lifelong learners.

    We Believe

    • All students are valuable and deserve respect
    • All students can be taught appropriate behaviors, can learn, and can grow to reach their full potential if given the right environment
    • All students learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others
    • All students should have equal access to counseling & guidance services
    • School counselors are a resource and an advocate for all students, staff, parents, and the community
    • Positive relationships between students and adults are the key to student success

    How We Can Help

    Our counselors are here to promote positive development in academic, career, and personal/social domains. The counseling team performs some of the following roles:

    • Individual brief counseling
    • Small group counseling
    • Scheduling classes
    • Attend and participate in academic intervention meetings
    • Academic monitoring
    • Observe students in various school environments
    • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, and students
    • Respond to school crises or emergency situations
    • Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues

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Last Modified on November 16, 2023